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Welcome to Pretty Prairie Kennel, “Montana’s German Shorthaired Pointer Breeder of Champions," where we strive to produce healthy German Shorthaired Pointer puppies and dogs.  We have,
Black, Liver and Roan German Shorthaired Pointers puppies and dogs
•      Bird dogs for the upland foot hunter
We are,
American Kennel Club, AKC, Breeder of Merit
American Kennel Club Breeder of Champions
Members of Montana German Shorthaired Pointer Club and North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, Montana Sharptail Chapter
Field test for versatility thru AKC and NAVHDA, (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association)
Register all dogs and puppies with AKC and NAVHDA
We health screen,
Our personal dogs through Penn Hip or OFA and CERF (eye exam).
•  DNA Profile and Microchip all of our personal dogs.

Our purebred German Shorthaired Pointers are bred to hunt, point, track and retrieve game with the best possible conformation.  A  structurally sound German Shorthaired Pointer, while hunting, will float across the field and is a pleasure to watch. We look forward to providing you the opportunity to acquire your new family companion.  We believe in finding suitable homes and responsible breeding and dog ownership.  We take the purchase of your pure bred versatile puppy or dog very seriously.

 We strongly believe in our policy to take back any dog or puppy we have bred and will assume the responsibility of finding the dog a new home.   On occasion we will have dogs returned to us through no fault of their own.   Please, if you have purchased a dog or puppy from us and can no longer care for the dog do not turn the dog into a shelter, rescue or rehome the dog, please contact us.  Thanks Rae

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Phone:  406-594-3257

Operating since 2006 as Big Sky Versatile Gun Dogs, LLC, dba "Pretty Prairie Kennel."
"Katinka Von Den Donau-Wirbeln, NA Pz II (Score 103)"
Deutsch Kuzaar registered with FCI; 100% German Origin!
Kati's fabolous pedigree is 1/2 Hege-Haus and Pottemes; two of the oldest breeding lines in Europe.
Sire:  KS Lord Vom Nonnenhaus
Dam:  Christel Von Den Donau-Wirblen
Congratulations to Rae and Kati for a job well done!  Kati tested in the Montana Sharptail NAVHDA field test in Billings and received a Natural Ability Prize II, Score 103. 
Kati also tested in the NADKC Spring test in Walla Walla, WA and received Derby 1, V1.  The NADKC follows the German testing guidelines.  Derby is the field portion of the test she received top scores.  V1 is for conformation, Kati ranked first in excellence for structure.  
We are very fortunate to own a dog as beautiful as our Kati.