Nuggy Vom Trocken Bach, NA Pz III
Liver Roan Patched
AKC DNA Profiled
OFA Cardiac Normal By Cardiologist
OFA Eyes Normal
OFA Verification of PI
Penn Hip Ranked in 80% for breed

Nuggy is a full blood Hege-Haus female.  Her pedigree includes multiple Kleeman Seiger (KS) titled dogs.  She has tested in NAVHDA's Natural Ability, receving a Pz III, and Deustsch Kuzhaar testing system receiving Derby 1 and Sloms 0.  Nuggy is an awesome dog, a great companion both at home and in the field.  She is liver roan patched.

Prairie Prairie's Nip N' Tuck Vom Shoco, NA Eval 89
AKC DNA Profiled
Penn Hip Scores 0.17/0.17 
OFA Cardiac Normal
Cone Degeneration Normal
Black and White Patched and Ticked

Sire: Gulliver Von Den Donau-Wirbeln, NA Pz I
Dam:  Pretty Prairie's Kairo Vom Dietrich

Tuck is from a breeding with out Kairo and a stud owned by Sally.  He is registered black and white and patched/ticked.  He is DNA profiled, has awesome hip scores, and OFC cardiac normal (by veterinary cardiologist). Tuck's CD screen is pending.

Pretty Prairie's Kairo Vom Dietrich, NA Eval 106
AKC DNA Profiled
Black and White Patched and Ticked 
Penn Hip Scores 0.29/0.27 DI, (70th % for breed)
OFA Cardiac Normal-echo
OFA eyes normal

Sire: Dietrich Von Den Donau Wirbeln, NA Pz I
Dam: Pretty Prairie's Phoebe Vom Joker, NA Pz III

Kai is registered with AKC and NAVHDA.  She tested in NAVHDA's Natural Ability test scoring 106, for evaluation.  Kai is awesome, kind and affectionate female who has produced a litter eligible for NAVHDA's Breeder Award.
Ch Pretty Prairie's Lazy Heart Cleo V Britta, NA Pz II
Sire:  Lazy Heart's Joker's Wild, JH
Dam: CH No-Mars Britta Vom Cinder
AKC DNA Profiled
Penn Hip 
OFA Cardiac Normal, by cardiologist
Cleo is officially retired

Liver White Patched and Ticked, Female, Dual registered with both AKC and NAVHDA.  Cleo is a wonderful dog a product of an out breeding with our friend Nancy Lane from Lazy Heart Kennel. Cleo did wonderful on her NAVHDA, Natural Ability test scoring 3 in search and 4's in all other areas. Cleo's Penn Hip scores are superb with 0.21/0.22.  CERF #GSP-375683; E1- No Inherited Eye Disorder Found (2012.)
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Pretty Prairie's Winn Dixie V Britta, NA Pz I, (Score 112)
Sire:  Int'l Ch No-Mars Chaz Rowdy Vom Haus, JH
Ch No-Mars Britta Vom Cinder
AKC DNA Profiled
OFA Cardiac Normal, by Cardiologist
OFA eyes Normal
Pen Hip 0.34/0.21

White/Liver female registered with AKC and NAVHDA.  Dixie is a wonderful GSP, she tested August 2012 in NAVHDA Natural Ability and scored 112, Prize I.  A Score of 112 is a perfect field score.  She nailed her track, field search, point, water entry and retrieve, cooperation etc., all with a lot of enthusiam.  Dixie's Penn Hip scores are 0.34/0.21; CERF #GSP-375433; no inherited eye disease found.
Katinka Von Den Donau-Wirbeln, D1, V1, NA Pz II
AKC DNA Profiled
(NADKC, Derby 1, V 1, conformation, German testing and conformation evaluation; NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize II @ 7 months of age.)
Black and White Patched and Ticked
Penn Hip Scores 
OFA Cardiac Normal
OFA eyes normal

Kati is our second import from Romania.  She is line bred out of the first and second oldest breeding lines in Germany, Pottemes and Hege-Haus.  Kati ran her first NAVHDA field test at 7 months of age and scored a Prize II.  She is triple registered with FCI, Asociatia Chinologica Romana, NAVHDA and AKC.  Kati's first litter is eligible for NAVHDA's Breeder Award.
Pretty Prairie's Josey V Sage, NA Pz III
AKC DNA Profiled
Penn Hip Scores 0.22/0.22 (90th % for breed)
OFA Cardiac Normal, by cardiologist
CERF GSP-375435 G1
Black Roan Patched

Sire: Prairie Heart's Pretty Lazy Angus, UT Pz II
Dam: Int'l CH No-Mars Fancy Sage Vom Hauss, NA Eval 106

Josey is from Sage's and Angus' final litter in 2012.  Her NAVHDA pedigree includes German import VC Enzo Vom Ludwigstein.  Josey's AKC pedigree has multiple champions.  She is a wonderful laid back, easy going GSP.
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Yoghurt Von Den Donau-Wirbeln, NA Pz I

AKC DNA profiled
Pen Hip 0.29/0.27
OFA Cardiac Normal, by cardiologist
OFA Eyes Normal
Cone Degeneration Normal

Chief is liver roan patched.  He is imported from Europe from Donau-Wirbeln Kennel.  His mother is Romania Champion Elke Von Den Donau-Wirbeln and his Sire is Emil Vom Hege-Hauf.  Chief lineage is from the oldest breeding line in Europe, Hege-Haus which has field testing Deutsch Kuzhaar for more then 80 years.
Dixie is officially retired.