We, Steve and I, were raised in upland country in Montana. We left Montana for a 20 year adventure to live in the urban community of Seattle-Tacoma. In 2005 we returned for a holiday visit with family and Steve went upland hunting with his brother and his brother's pointing lab. After watching a bird dog work and recognizing the need for a well bred dog, Steve decided he needed a gun dog. We returned to Seattle to research the various breeds. Through a recommendation from a relative it was suggested he consider purchasing a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP). 

Steve researched GSP breeders extensively in Washington State. He decided to purchase a GSP from Leo Mittag, from No-Mars Kennel who has 36 years of breeding, testing, and competition experience. 

We believe our dogs should prove themselves in areas of;
1. conformation for structure and temperament 
2. field work through AKC and NAVHDA (weather permitting, we hunt every day we can get out with our GSP's, for Pheasants, Hungarian Partridge, Grouse and Water fowl for duck.)
3. personal companions 
4. personal hunting dogs and
5. we health screen all our personal dogs for hips and eye disease.

We are both very active members of the "Montana German Shorthaired Pointer Club, an American Kennel Club Chapter, (AKC)" and "Montana Sharptail, a North American Versatile Hunting Dog Chapter (NAVHDA.)" 

Thank You,
Steve and Rae Brown
Pretty Prairie Kennel


References are available upon request.