Our experience with Pretty Prairie Kennels and with Rae & Steve Brown was first rate.
To begin with, they were completely honest and forthright in their representation of our pup and their knowledge of him. They worked very closely with us to get Angus shipped to Pennsylvania from Montana in time for Christmas, in the face of airline red tape, brutally cold temps in Montana and a snowstorm in the Northeast. 

Since receiving our pup we have been enormously pleased with him. Housebreaking was a breeze. He literally only had two accidents. Our dog is definitely high energy, but at the same time has a great, even temperament. He is very affectionate with our family. He is very sociable and even tempered with other dogs. We get many compliments on both his appearance and his disposition. He accompanies us on errands around town, to our girls' sports events, on hikes in the mountains,...you name it.

In the field he has done a great job. While Angus is not aggressive toward people or other dogs, he is very game driven. He loves to hunt. In his first year he has done a great job both pointing and retrieving. He has never lost a bird that has been shot over him. 

In short, Angus is developing into an excellent companion gundog. He is super around the house, great with our daughters and a hardworking, trusted partner in the field. I am very much looking forward to next hunting season with him,and hopefully many more to come.

Pretty Prairie's & Lazy Heart's Inga, JH; 
NA Pz III; MT GSPC WFT Open Puppy 4th, April 2010
No-Mars BigHill Shooter Vom Rowdy
Bred by Rae, Steve and Leo
Regarding Inga:

Here's what Bill has to say about Inga:

Just leaving Kansas. Inga was awesome. We killed 24 pheasant and 35 quail over her and Trace. Most over her. My friends are jealous!  She retrieved vast majority to hand. Right now she is sound asleep on back seat on my jacket!  Seven hour ride ahead.
Thanks for all the work you put in on her.

Prairie Winds WheelOFortune Vom Enzo, JH (Niko)
Pretty Prairie's Ranger V Lola
From Ken Mclean:

Hi Rae, Ranger is doing wonderful, a bit of a boob though...ha-ha, we gave him a dental treat, he loved it, he has confiscated a microfiber blanket, he loves his bed, he is retrieving great. I have spent a lot of time out in the yard with him, well what bit of the yard I could dig out, and here in the house he is chasing the toys and bringing them back and trying to play tug of war.  Dr. Henry Ford gave him a clean bill of health yesterday; he got another de wormer, and da2ppv booster.  I must tell you that she was extremely impressed with the amount of care that you have taken with the puppies. To tell you the truth when the vet told us how impressed she was I knew right then that we made the right decision by obtaining Ranger from you. We will with out a doubt refer your puppies to anybody that is interested in a bird dog. Thank you so very much for all you have done and I look so forward to bringing Ranger out soon.
Pretty Prairie's Maggie-Mae V Phoebe
From Buzz and Kathy,

Congratulations Rae with Phoebe JH title & also the water test. We here are all proud of her too.  When we were at Lucy’s trial yesterday we kind of parked at the end to keep Maggie away from all the other dogs. A couple of people spotted her and had to come look. We finished our hunt and did Maggie's little hunt way out on the one field that they were not using.  We did a throw up bird and shoot at about 50 yards away. She watched it all happen and went to the bird and did a beautiful ten foot retrieve. After lunch I went up to our bird cleaning station and was doing our birds when the wife came up with Maggie in her arms and all I heard was O MY GOD and about 20 people surrounded them that I could not even see dog or the wife. The ?’s were where did you get her and do they have any more left.  We will keep spreading the word.  O ya, Maggie also past her come home from every outing water test yesterday to.
Regarding Niko:

Rae, I cant thank you enough for Niko, he is a pure pleasure and he has so much personality. In the week that he has been a part of our family he has worked his way into all of our hearts. 

I hope that if you ever need a reference that you use my name, you and Steve do a fantastic job in raising and training these dogs.

Niko worked well this weekend but the birds are hard to find, he pointed one Rooster and it was so great to watch him. Clay knocked the bird down in heavy cover and we never got him but Niko worked and worked to find him. Even though we came up empty handed I was so happy to see Niko work the way he did, I finally called him off after about 5 min. but he has no quit in him until he is asked to "leave it".

I am taking him to the bird farm on Weds afternoon, I will have a client and his son and will release 12 birds for them. I will let you know how it goes and hope to get some good pictures of him.  Thank you again it has been wonderful to get to know you both and to get Niko!   Matt

Harley is doing very well. I have been calling him Bud as it was easier to train him to come to Bud than it was to train my Dad to call him Harley. My dad was very attached to my old dog Bud and he has dimentia so when I brought Harley home we couldn't convince him it wasn't Bud so we just started calling him Bud. Anyway he is doing very, very good. We have been shooting a few chukars. The first one I shot he just looked at me and wouldn't retrieve it. It just wasn't his dummy. But I picked it up and threw it for him a few times and after that he has retrieved every one I've shot. He also had a little trouble adjusting as to how close he could get to wild birds without them flushing. They just didn't sit as tight as that wing on the fly rod. But he has figured that out as well and is now making rock solid points on coveys of wild chukars, and if a dog can hold a covey of wild chukars I think he can hold just about anything. I have had him out four times just him and me and he did well. Last Saturday I took him out with three other people and I was a little concerned about how he would react with that many people hunting but he did great and they were all very impressed with him. He held a couple of coveys for us, one was across the canyon from us and it took about five minutes to get to him but he stayed on point and I walked in and flushed the birds. We got three from that covey, then he pointed some of the singles after they split up and we got a couple more. He made one 200 yard retrieve on a bird that one of the guys winged going off a very steep hill, he brought it up and delivered it to my hand. I was so proud of him. 

Tom Anderson
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Pretty Prairie's Harley V Lola
No-Mars BigHill Shooter Vom Rowdy
Bred by Rae, Steve and Leo
Here are a couple of pics of Agnes from hunting yesterday. It was a tough day with 40 mph winds so the birds ran instead of flying. Agnes is starting to really figure out pheasants. I watched her point, release, creep, release etc. on a bird for 200 yards then when the bird changed direction on her she ran ahead of it and started hunting back to me. That bird finally went up wild but it was impressive to watch. Agnes finally found a couple of birds that would hold and she held them with very staunch points. Pretty good dog work for an 8 month old dog. 

If you are ever in the Bozeman/Livingston area give me a call and I'd be happy to meet up with you to see Agnes.

Best -

Dave Goff
Pretty Prairie's Agnes V Lola
Pretty Prairie's Cooper V Phoebe
From Stephanie,

Cooper will sit for us before we put down his food bowl and after we go for a walk. He will play fetch for a little bite not  solid but it will come, he is  still a little young. We took him hiking he was too cute. Getting used to the hustle and bustle along the bow river where we go for walks along at night. He lifts his paw at the door the majority of the time when he wants to go out to use the washroom.. We are on the farm this weekend and he is having a hay day.. Thank you guys we just love cooper...
Pretty Prairie's S.Integra Vom Joker
On March 13th, Matt Elliott (Niko’s owner) set up a pheasant hunt at a game bird farm to get the two dogs together to hunt and help show Barry and son Colter some correct technics. Because of a family commitment Matt was not able to join the boys. This left Barry uneasy about taking Darby on the hunt. 
(Barry on the morning of March 13th) - On the way to the bird farm I was talking to Colter not knowing what we were going to do if Darby did not hunt since Diane was already very attached to him.
I made up a 50 foot lead rope to keep Darby close not knowing if he would take off or if he did would we see him again. Explaining this to the bird farm owner and that I never hunted over him not knowing what to expect. He said that he would take and plant 3 birds hard and we would watch to see what the reaction would be. While getting by the area the birds were supposed to be I was watching Darby and he started getting real excited, the tail was shaking and twitching and then he just locked up and pointed like an old pro. I thought this is great now the next step of walking very slow while saying whoa, whoa and the bird flushed and we could not get a safe shot and he was off chasing the bird until I realized I had better call him back and it took only 2 whistles then he came back looking like why didn’t you shoot. He immediately went back to the spot where the first bird was and pointed again and I kept saying the bird was gone. I went behind him saying whoa, whoa and sure enough another bird flushed and then the shot, then the retrieve, and then the praising. This taught me what I have heard several times, trust the dog. The rest of the day just kept getting better for all of us with Darby being the only dog for 4 guns he worked his tail off and kept within range nearly all the time while working back and forth never needing to use the 50 foot rope I had made up. At days end we ended up with 14 birds and only lost one which I feel is very good especially when about 70 % of the birds were not holding tight. A
We can’t wait until this fall and take our trip to Lemmon, South Dakota and try him on some wild birds and have the instigator (my wife Diane) of getting a dog come and watch Darby work and make it an entire family event.  

Pretty Prairie's Dianna V Britta, (Brooke)
Colton took pictures during show class last week. We hadn't been to show class in 3 weeks cause we've been sick and busy moving (to a bigger house with a bigger yard, yay!) so she did pretty good for her first time back. There aren't as many this time because a lot of them came out blurry or just didn't look good. The man in some of the photo's is the class instructor, also named Ray!
We are getting better and better by the week! 
There was a show the beginning of December in Ridgefield that I was planning on taking her to, but with the hollidays coming up (and we ended up taking on a few extra shifts at work in November and December) plus the chance of snow, we opted not to enter it. 
My goal is to get her showing in January so she can get the experience in the 6-9 month class before she goes in with the adults. 
She's already gotten so big! She's pretty tall and she's filling out nicely. But I think she might still have some more growing to do. Either way, she is gorgeous. And not a day goes by that I don't get a compliment about her! One guy said, "Now -thats- a dog!"
Other people just comment on how beautiful she is, and many just want to ask what she is. I've become very aware that most people around here have no idea what German shorthairs are. A few people know what they are because they've either had them or knew someone that had them, while others just think shes a dalmation haha. 
But it's really great to bring awareness to those that don't know anything about them. She's such a great example for the breed.
Pretty Prairie's TruMen V Lola
Here are a few pictures of Trumen doing a little hunting. He did really well this first season. He is a wonderful dog, we sure do love him.
Hi Rae,
I had to get the info from Alan, as he is the hunter in the family.  Basically this is what he said.  First, to answer your question “How does he retrieve?” ..…”Every Time!”  Alan says this is where Trumen excels.  He marked birds, watched flying birds, and watched for birds to fall after the sound of a shot.  He even retrieved a dead bird blind, (he was in his kennel in the back of the truck when the bird went down).  
Like I said, he is a great dog, and soooo handsome.
Raleigh is doing great and we couldn't be happier with him. 
He is really a nice dog.
He has been getting spoiled a little too much but thats ok. My kids have figured out that when they dont want to eat their food Raleigh will always help them out.

I have only been working on Mon, Wed, and Fri since pheasant season started so we have been going out 3-4 days a week. 
I worked with him a lot in the field this summer and it really paid off I think. 
The only issue we had was retrieving.
He did very well playing fetch with dummies all summer but once pheasant season started he didn't figure out he was suppose to go after the birds and retrieve them.
We started playing fetch with the dead birds and hidding the birds in the backyard and having him find them and now he has been doing a great job retrieving.
He has made a few retrieves that I couldn't believe and was very excited about.

These dogs live to bird hunt I think, he gets so excited when I start getting my gun out.
He has started to calm down around the house a lot more too and has figured out which toys he can play with, which makes my wife happier. 
I can't thank you guys enough and I hope to get another dog from you in a few years.
 Dave N., ND
Pretty Prairie's Raleigh V Phoebe