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Pretty Prairie Kennel
​Versatile bred German Shorthaired Pointers dual registered with American Kenel Club
and the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. 
We are located in Helena, Montana.
We can be reached at [email protected]  or 406-594-3257 and  406-431-9065

​​ Welcome to Pretty Prairie Kennel where we strive to produce healthy German Shorthaired Pointer puppies and dogs.  We have, black and liver GSPs for the upland foot hunter.

We are an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit and members of Montana's local NAVHDA chapter, "Montana Sharptail."

Our dogs are elgible for breeding after completing their Penn Hip and 1 year cardiac screen.  Both of these screens must meet acceptable breeding standards.  In some cases our dogs are eligible for first generation offspring normal health screen.  This is an application process in which parentage must be proven through DNA.  First generation offspring result are posted and available through OFA.   

A CHIC certificate is awarded when the following health screens are completed hip, cardiac, eye (cone degeneration and eye exam), and elbow.  These are the primary health screens recommended by the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America.  CHIC screening is expensive and a lot of work.  It takes several years to complete all the screens.   We continue to work on completing the remaining screens required for a CHIC certificate.  All screens are posted publicaly on OFA's website.  In addition, there maybe direct relatives who also have health screens posted.   

There are VERY few breeders who complete CHIC health screens.  

Additional information is available through NAVHDA.  NAVHDA's test record reflects the dog's field scores, gun senstivity/gun shy and bite evaluation.  This information is important when chosing a puppy and planning a breeding.  Dogs that are gun sensitive or gun shy, or have an abnormal bite should not be included in a breeding program.

Our goal this year is to complete CHIC certificates for Agnes, Nuggy, and Baker.

Our females have four litters and then are retired.  Retired means they are spayed.

On occasion we will have dogs returned to us through no fault of their own.  We strongly believe in our policy to take back any dog or puppy we have bred and will assume the responsibility of finding the dog a new home.    Please, if you have purchased a dog or puppy from us and can no longer care for the dog, please do not turn the dog into a shelter, rescue, or rehome the dog, please contact us.  

Thank You!