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Pretty Prairie Kennel
​Versatile bred German Shorthaired Pointers dual registered with American Kenel Club
and the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. 
We are located in Helena, Montana.
We can be reached at [email protected]  or 406-594-3257 and  406-431-9065

Yoghurt Von Den Donau-Wirbeln, NA Pz I

For test results visits OFA or CHIC's website.  All of Chief's health screens are normal.

Pretty Prairie Lickety Split Vom Katinka, NA Pz I, 112

Birth date: Jan 2 2017
SR98214401 (AKC)
​GS-018736 (NAVHDA)
4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Penn Hip:ight DI 0.17 & Left DI 0.19 (Agnes' hips received a higher score than 90% of the GSPs who test through Penn Hip)

OFA 2 year Cardiac Normal by Echo
OFA Cone Degeneration normal by first parentage
​OFA Elbow Normal
Lupoid Dermatosis Clear, Normal

Black and White

Sire:  Pretty Prairie's NipN'Tuck Vom Shoco
Dam: Katinka Von Den Donau Wirbeln

Agnes will complete her CHIC when the mobile Opth (eye), vet exams Clinics resume.

For test results visit OFA and CHIC's website.  All of Agnes' health screens are normal.

Nuggy Vom Trocken Bach, NA Pz III

Birth Date:  Mar 31 2014
SR86516901 (AKC)
GS-015486 (NAVHDA)
 N S W P T D C
4 3 4 4 1 4 3

AKC DNA Profiled V777075
Penn Hips Scores LDI=.24; RDI=.26
OFA Advanced Cardiac Normal (does not have arotic stenosis)
OFA Cone Degeneration Normal
OFA Elbows Normal
OFA Opth, eye exam normal
Liver and White

Nuggy's pedigree is full Hege-Haus.  Her parents, grandparents etc., are from the oldest breeding in line Europe.

Sire: KS Darwin Vom Hege-Hof
Dam: KS Bessie Vom Trocken Bach

NUGGY's CHIC Number is Pending

For test results visit OFA and CHIC's website.  All of Nuggy's health screens are normal.

Pretty Prairie's His Girl Friday Vom Shoco, NA Eval 

For test results visit OFA and CHIC's website.  All of Friday's health screens are normal.

Pretty Prairie's Run Like Hellie Vom Nuggy

Birth Date 13 Feb 2018

Scheduled for NAVHDA field test July 2019

Penn Hip R DI, 0.10, L DI, 0.15
(Ranked in the top 5% for DI score in the GSP)
OFA, Echocardigram Normal (does not have Arotic Stenosis)
Cone degeneration, clear normal, by first generation offspring.

Dracula Von Den Donau-Wirbeln

Birth Date: 15 Oct 2016

Completed NAVHDA Field test July, 2019 (waiting for test report)

Penn Hip R D I 0.19 and L DI 0.19 (Ranked in the top 5% of the GSP breed)

OFA Cardiac by Echocardiogram, Equivocal

Lupoid Dermatosis: Clear, Normal


Pretty Prairie's Chilli Vom Winn Dixie, NA Pz III

"Pretty Prairie's Chill Vom Winn Dixie, NA Pz III"

Penn Hip R DI 0.20 and Left DI 0.23, Chilli falls within the central 90% range for the breed.  Her risk of developing OA is minimal.  (Chilli's DI score exceeds the average for the breed which is 0.35).
OFA Elbows:  Normal
Lupoid Dermatosis: clear/normal