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Pretty Prairie Kennel
​Versatile bred German Shorthaired Pointers dual registered with American Kenel Club
and the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. 
We are located in Helena, Montana.
We can be reached at [email protected]  or 406-594-3257 and  406-431-9065

Yoghurt Von Den Donau-Wirbeln, NA Pz I

Pretty Prairie Lickety Split Vom Katinka, NA Pz I, 112

Birth date: Jan 2 2017
SR98214401 (AKC)
​GS-018736 (NAVHDA)
4 4 4 4 4 4 4

Penn Hip:ight DI 0.17 & Left DI 0.19 (Agnes' hips received a higher score than 90% of the GSPs who test through Penn Hip)

OFA 2 year Cardiac Normal by Echo
OFA Cone Degeneration normal by first parentage

Black and White

Sire:  Pretty Prairie's NipN'Tuck Vom Shoco
Dam: Katinka Von Den Donau Wirbeln

Katinka Von Den Donau-Wirblen, NA Pz II, UPT 160

Kati is retiring​​

Nuggy Vom Trocken Bach, NA Pz III

Birth Date:  Mar 31 2014
SR86516901 (AKC)
GS-015486 (NAVHDA)
 N S W P T D C
4 3 4 4 1 4 3

AKC DNA Profiled V777075
Penn Hips Scores LDI=.24; RDI=.26
OFA Advanced Cardiac Normal
Liver and White

Nuggy's pedigree is full Hege-Haus.  Her parents, grandparents etc., are from the oldest breeding in line Europe.

Sire: KS Darwin Vom Hege-Hof
Dam: KS Bessie Vom Trocken Bach

Pretty Prairie's His Girl Friday Vom Shoco, NA Eval 

Dracula Von Den Dnau-Wirblen

Birth Date:  Oct 2016
AKC registered
NAVHDA registered

AKC DNA Profiled
Penn Hip: Right DI 0.19 & Left DI 0.19 (Ranked in the top 10% of the breed for GSP Penn Hip scores)
​OFA 2 year Cardiac Equivocal